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A quote by a young Power Journal user:

Travis Hicks was about 8 years old when his dad mentored him with the Power Journal concept for 2 years. At first, Travis responded to the physical rewards of the system (which in his case involved equating points with  quarters). Ten years later, Travis had this to say:

I definitely did think of the money at first.

I thought, “if I do this, I''m gonna make some money'.

But then I began thinking, 'Oh, this is nice!'

In not very much time, the helping, the learning, the creativity, became worth it for their own value. And after awhile, it just became something that felt good to do. 

The Power Journal is designed to let you realize the true value of your actions and appreciate that more than the money. This happened to me.  

                               --Travis Hicks

Editors comment:

Travis has grown up to be remarkably creative, is mainly self-educated, and gets a kick out of helping people. Now 22, Travis is in college, after he decided that he wanted to enroll. He getting straight A's and is on the Dean's list there.

It is noteworthy that both he and his father credit the use of the Power Journal with helping him--even to the effect on his grades at college.

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