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Scoring the Power Journal Workbook:

a mirror of reality

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it"--The principle of success in science and business.


The Power Journal's scoring system both measures and rewards  beneficial activity. It reflects to the child the synergy or "magical' power, of total involvement in positive projects.

Let's look at how this happens

The child gets one point each for writing instances of activities involving the basic styles of functioning--left brain (learning); right brain (creativity), etc.

If  the activities were related to each other in purpose, (shown circled here), the scoring of  these checkmarks is multiplied, not added. Skip ahead to rewards.

The scoring details:

No matter how many types of activity are entered in the journal on a particular day, if they are unrelated to each other in purpose, they each get one point.

For instance, if a person has an idea, learns something (unrelated) and helps someone (again unrelated), this is how the entries would be scored: 1+1+1=3

But if that person begins to combine modes of activity towards a specific purpose, there is greater satisfaction and achievement in the process, and  the points increase in a multiplied (or  squared)  fashion.

So, reflecting more power,  if two circled entries reflect that he or she

  • had an idea that would

  • help someone else

(for instance, he or she had said to a friend "I have an idea: why don't you wash the car [this] way? It would really be easier!"--and it was easier,

the total points would be 2 times (1+1), which equals 4.

Or, reflecting the most power, if the same person

  • had an idea that would

  • help someone else and

  •  learned something new

in order to make it happen, then the score would  be 3x3 (or 3 squared) points, which equals  9 points or rewards.

These points reflect not just a game, but demonstrate the truth of life-- that if you throw everything you've got into a single purpose, your chances of success, and feelings of satisfaction are multiplied.

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