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The Rewards of

the Power Journal system

It is of extreme importance that there be some type of reward associated with this system, to tempt a  person into discovering the awesome power which comes from using all of one's talents towards one great purpose. 

Let's face it: if your own parents had been wise enough to reward you for activities in which you discovered the power inherent in using every aspect of your heart, mind and body towards positive behavior, wouldn't you be thanking them now?

Rewards can take the form of:

  Verbal praise fun & treats tokens money  

...that is, anything which is positive and desirable for the child, including  special privileges, special trips, or towards the purchase of a desired object. Discussions with your child will reveal the most appropriate rewards. In fact, you probably know what would work best, already.

Internal vs. External Rewards

The advantage--and real effect--of the Power Journal method is that whichever types of rewards are used, the internal payback soon transcends any external rewards. 

I definitely did think of the money at first.

I thought, “if I do this, I''m gonna make some money'.

But then I began thinking, 'Oh, this is nice!'

Fairly soon, the helping, the learning, the creativity, became worth it for their own value. And after awhile, it just became something that felt good to do. 

The Power Journal is designed to let you realize the true value of your actions and appreciate that more than the money. This happened to me.  

                               --Travis Hicks of Fairfield, Iowa, at 18 years of age.

Travis  was about 8 years old when his dad mentored him for a period of about two years with the Power Journal system.

During his teenage years Travis showed himself to be remarkably creative, was mainly self-educated, and got a kick out of helping people--a characteristic he was not afraid to tell others of. Now 22,  after deciding for himself that he wanted to enroll in college, Travis is getting straight A's and is on the Dean's list.

It is noteworthy that both he and his father credit the Power Journal with helping him develop each of these characteristics--even to the effect on his grades at college.

The ultimate gift of the Power Journal system is the tendency to become fully involved in positive actions,  the accomplishment of BIG things, the earning of high praise from others, and the preparation of oneself for a successful and fulfilling life.




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