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Instruction Manual

Parent's Instruction Manual, for economically  viewing on your own computer, without printing it.

Parent's Instruction Manual, which you would print on both sides and fold into a booklet.


We have opted not to offer a children's instruction manual for two reasons:

  1. It is difficult to word a children's manual without "talking down" to some and being too complicated for others; and

  2. It is extremely important that the parent(s) and child(ren) are on the same wavelength with the Power Journal concept. Therefore, we have necessitated that you who know your children very well, communicate the process to them. In other words, to make this system work, you have to understand it completely. (Don't worry--it is super-simple).

Half-sized Journal pages: 2 per page, horizontal mode, suitable either for 3-ring notebooks or for making booklets if printed on both sides of the paper);

Full-sized Journal pages 8.5x11" (portrait mode, suitable for 3-ring notebooks)

Score-sheets for personal use:

"Refrigerator edition" progress record

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What it looks like

The scoring system

The rewards system




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