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The materials for the Power Journal mentoring method  attractively draw a child into the use of all of his or her talents, quite easily. The materials consist of a parent's instruction manual, the Power Journal workbook, personal scoresheets, and a "refrigerator" scoring and rewards summary.


Included are:



 A Parent's Instruction Manual, which includes more information than could have been included here:



*Talking to your kids about the Power Journal

*Rewards details

*Scoring details

*Using with more than one child

*Tips for success

* Using the Refrigerator Summary sheet

Plus a special section on the success of the journal when used from a distance, for positive influence from a divorced  or separated parent.





The Power Journal Workbook, 80 pages (further downloads are free)  






Score sheets for personal use:  





The Refrigerator Score and Rewards Record, wherein the progress of the child becomes an inspiration for all.  




We want to share the Journal with you,

as the result of our own home-schooling success.

The whole package is only $10 if you download our pdf version and print the materials yourself; or just $19.95 (plus shipping) if we supply you with all of the materials. We accept credit cards and are happy to accept personal checks.


To register your interest, please email bgrady@lisco.com, and put "Interested in Power Journal" in the subject line. We are a home business, and would love to hear from you!

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Every part of us would love to serve you!







What it looks like

The scoring system

The rewards system



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