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What it looks like

The Power Journal workbook is not like an ordinary diary.  Entries in the beautifully-designed journal are not concerned with everywhere a person went or everything that was done during the day.  Instead, they are focused on actions which can be related to any of the following "power centers" which we all possess...

The fact that a child has voluntarily done--and has begun to identify the "power source" of any of these actions--is extremely important. The child is rewarded for these entries, especially when these power centers are combined towards one purpose!

Here is what the journal looks like. Notice in the entry example how the activities are are related to a power center by a checkmark--and that some of the checkmarks are circled. :


In this entry, the young man wrote that he;

  • rode around on his bicycle (exercise);

  • helped his friend wash dishes (heart, or compassion) (O.K.--it wasn't totally altruistic. He helped so that they could get out of the house faster)

  • had an idea about a new computer game (creativitiy);

  • called a person he didn't know very well (courage)and

  • learned about his idea's possibilities (learning).

In making his entries, the young man:

1) thought about what he had done during the day which was creative, involved learning or exercise or values of the heart;

2) made entries which illustrated those actions (they don't have to be very long--this is not a moment-by-moment diary);

2) put checkmarks in the columns which indicated which style of activity each corresponded to; and

3) circled the checkmarks whose actions were grouped around one idea or purpose. 


Why would anybody want to use this journal?


  1. The scoring system reflects the reality that when we integrate our activity, our results are multiplied many times.
  2. The rewards reflect the reality that we do things that we are rewarded to do; and
  3. The results themselves are addictive: once a child uses the journal in its designed way,  the satisfaction which comes from integrated and successful action, becomes its own teacher.




What it looks like

The scoring system

The rewards system



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