The Power Journal Mentoring Method

is a unique rewards-based journaling method which gives children the experience of the "magical advantage" they get from throwing all of themselves into beneficial activity.

It encourages children to use:


their creativity

their learning skills

and  their hearts

all together,  towards one great purpose.


An example of this type of combined action would be:

"When my 10-year-old son heard about the tsunami, he was extremely concerned, and thought of a way  to help.  He learned how to bake cookies, set up tables by himself in front of local businesses and raised $750 for the tsunami relief effort in Indonesia. Many months later, he still talks about it. I think it changed the direction of his life."

--Margaret Sharp


How can the Power Journal method teach this combination of power?

Well, we all feel of rush of satisfaction when we:

learn by ourselves ( using our left brain),


create by ourselves (using our right brain), or


show compassion or  courage (using the values of the heart)



Although using these basic functions by themselves feels good and helps us grow, actively combining them magnifies our power and multiplies our results.


For instance:


If we have a creative idea,  we often feel elated from that idea. we are exercising the right side of our brain.

  or  if we have a creative idea and then voluntarily learn something in order to implement it, we feel even more fulfilled--and our idea has a much greater chance of success. That's better--we are exercising the left and right sides of our brain!  

But if

  we have an idea which would  
  benefit others (or take courage to do), and  
  we use all of our learning skills in order to implement that idea,  

the combination tends to bring:

awesome success from our actions;

terrific admiration from others;

deep inner pleasure; and

the desire to do it again!


It's surprising but true: when we combine everything we have-our left brain, our right brain, and the values of our heart--we are often successful beyond our wildest expectations. Even better, our sense of self-esteem is raised to a remarkably healthy level--which itself leads us to strive for ever higher goals.

Bottom line: The Power Journal Mentoring Method can help teach anyone--young or old--the tendency to employ all of these values together.

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