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About me:


I believe that we are utterly responsible for the future of the planet, and must try to make it a better place. At the same time, I believe that we can be joyful no matter what is happening in the world. As a matter of fact, if we are joyful in the face of stress, the world becomes a better place.

Out of the these beliefs and experiences, I create methods which can bring the innocence of childhood into the experience of adulthood, and--conversely-- to create other methods which can bring the wisdom of life into the experience of childhood. The Power Journal Mentoring Method is part of the latter--and really works.

Other projects I have created are:


The Neighborhood Trust Organization


We teach our children to share their toys--we tell them it builds character and trust. But do we share our possessions as adults?

This website makes it easy for  adults to share tools and possessions. doing so builds trust between individuals and community within neighborhoods. Free download of wallet-sized sign-out forms.


Iowa Electric Bicycle Organization


Encouraged legislators to modify Iowa law to allow electric bikes on our roads. The endeavor was successful, and the website may no longer be available.


The Robin Lim Support Organization


Raising awareness for tsunami relief and mother-baby health. The site has helped save many lives. Please check it out!

The "Click Into Joy" Method

Offers a method of releasing anxiety and overcoming fear by mere intention.


Any products of these websites are sold and processed

under my little company's name, Heartbeam, Inc.

"Seeing the world in a new light"






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 Bruce Grady

805 N. Main St.

Fairfield, Iowa 52556.

641-472-3880 or

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